Why all the fuss about digital marketing?

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August 14, 2016
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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing (also known as online marketing) are all those electronic used by the majority of companies of all sorts in order to communicate to the public, interested in their products or services, specific messages. DMD is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Dubai, specializing in SEO, content and social media marketing. But let's look a bit more thoroughly the tools DMD is using to market all sorts of businesses, small, medium and large.
Digital marketing includes many things. By staying up to date with the different market trends, at DMD we constantly add the new tools of the market and make them available to our clients.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Search engines are a very basic consumer gateway to another corporate page. A company that wants to increase its traffic and visits through Google search results has two very important options. Initially, it can optimize the site in terms of search engines (SEO) so that it appears higher up in relevant searches. The second option would be to add ads, working with AdWords. By building ad campaigns targeting specific searches and keywords or pages with certain content to be displayed. This ensures that the specific ads will only appear to those users who have the greatest interest in a particular company or its products.
Of course, a basic prerequisite is to have a beautiful, functional and utilitarian site that would inspire guests with each company’s values. The digital marketing experts working at DMD come from different professsional backgrounds, such as copywriting, web developing and social media management; expertises that would ensure that your company is in the right hands.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the use of content (original, useful and interest content, of course) used to communicate a specific message to a targeted audience. This content can be in many forms (articles, images, videos, infographics, etc.) and published in a number of different media (eg blog, social media, newsletter, etc.).

Social Media Marketing

concerns the use of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Linkedin etc.) in an effort to achieve a particular goal. The goal may be to increase sales, increase of visits to a page, increasing enrollment in a newsletter, raising awareness of a brand or a product, and the list of benefits of social media marketing goes on and on.


Emails have now reached every house. Almost all consumers have one (if not more) email addresses that check several times throughout the day. Therefore, emailing is a very direct and decisive marketing tool which can convey the company's message by informing the recepients about new products, special offers, etc. Newsletters are considered as one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing although it might pose quite some difficulty to use.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones and tablets have now entered every home and every pocket! At DMD we keep up to date with such trends and have already taken advantage of this new habit by creating mobile applications (mobile apps) to get our cleints’ messages out to the world and provide additional functionalities to the everyday consumer. In this way, the user interacts daily with his favourite brands and connects through the apps with their features and services he might find the most useful.