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June 27, 2016
Frontend developer with UI/UX experience
August 1, 2016

Un-scrollable websites

The biggest mistake is not making your site scrollable or not having a domain at all. Especially in the MENA area, there is a ton of businesses who don’t actually have a website. If you have a website and have it locked up in a way that people can’t find it easily, that is also a huge issue that’s keeping you back in the sea of companies with high quality websites that might be offering services or products of lower quality than yours but are in front of the searcher when he is looking for these specific services, simply because they rank higher on Google or other Search engines.
What you need to do, is make sure that you click around your website to make sure that everything is clickable and easy for the user to reach the pages on your site. Stop hiding the good content somewhere where it would be hard for the user to find it.

Not using keywords

The next one has to do with using the right words on your page. You need to think about what the user is going to type and simply include those words. The searcher is most probably typing simple words that come to his mind automatically rather than complicated expertise language.

Paying too much attention in link building

Think about compelling content and marketing instead of link building. As soon as you think that your job is to build links for search engines, you really are cutting off a lot of avenues. You need to give the user a reason to want to use your website, therefore you content needs to be compelling. After, you need to think of the broader area of marketing.
Think of what you can do to market your website in a way to make more well known within your community or more broadly without eliminating your goals into tricking the search engines.

Not paying attention to the title and description of the pages

Another good point is to think carefully about the title and description of the really important pages that appear in it and of your website as a whole. You really should be paying extra-attention to your homepage and its title and description.
Likewise, your description sometimes determines what shows up in your snippet and that likewise, determines if whether people would be deciding on clicking on it. You could run various tests, experience with different copies of the description, especially for the very high traffic pages on your website.
You want to not just create a great experience but you want to make something that people actually click on when they see it in the search results; something that lets them know that you are going to have the answer that they are looking for, something that makes them understand you are a good resource.
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