The secret of being the top on the search engine

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May 14, 2016
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June 2, 2016

If you wish to be up there with the top SEOs, you might as well consider following their successful footsteps in consistently reaching the top of the search engine.

  • Step first, you might want to generate high quality content. In order to achieve that, your content must be up to the mark, offering value to its reader and engaging with them. You need to build your content upon a strong structure that supports your business and differentiates you from the others!
  • The second step is the the most powerful yet overlooked element in overestimating the Search Engine. It is the range of keywords a person uses to find out particular information about a certain topic that you have to keep in mind while creating your content. For you to rank up on the search engine, people must be searching the keywords you have used in your text, which means that you want to explore all the possible ways people might search your content with, consider different wording, use very simple words if required (avoid technical/jargon words). Then repeat the same step a several times, allowing all the similar words around your keywords to be discovered.
  • For your website to be a searching priority, it has to be “up to date” and “popular”. Its not the date of the publishing nor the consistency or the quantity of your posting that will get you to the top, but just how fast can your content “break the Internet”. This is due to the functionality of google’s QDF (Query Deserved Freshness) that has the ability to lift-up the content with aggressive growth in popularity and bring down posts with normal growth popularity activities. If you have achieved to create quality content on a popular topic in QDF heat-time, you will probably reach up there on the top-results and stay there for quite some time as well. This trick is used by many companies. Use the google functionality to create content that falls under the QDF topics that suit of course your filed documentations, then alter it with your company’s voice to allow free brand awareness to surface.
  • Another way for your page content to rise up is through the incursion of subjects that will show up in the “vertical search”. Google has on the top Boxes only columns containing images, videos, maps or news. Everything else goes below. Thus, you are advised to have a diversity of elements on your web-page which means having a wider exposure and higher chances of showing at the highest levels on the vertical search of google.
  • Always keep in mind that the search engines are in a consistent race to give out direct-short answers to their users, but is it beneficial or harmful for a search engine to use your company’s page as a direct answer result? This technique is seen as a double edged blade. On one side, people will get their answers and might not visit your website page. On the other side, when the search engine cites you as the source of the data, the link below with your page name imbedded can single out trustworthiness and could even bring more visitors to your website.