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August 1, 2016
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Web development for small and medium businesses
August 9, 2016

SEO campaigns and content marketing go hand by hand

By connecting with our clients’ audience, getting familiar with different industries and setting our partners’ goals, at DMD we are able to create a content strategy that would enhance SEO rankings.

Quality and original content is the key to success.

By publishing unique long-form content, more relevant and useful than anyone else, our SEO strategies lead to success.

While writing our content

we always have in mind to include the most searched keywords and the most suited terminology, as this is what search engines value the most.

Without neglecting the power of the inbound links

we also use offsite references; they both play a huge role in how the content performs on search engines.


Keeping up with trends and the most recent market flow is what makes a Site accurate.

SEO and content marketing are integrated

In the heart of the issue it’s the fact that SEO and content marketing are two different things. However, they usually overlay, cling and merge into each other. The only way to successful content marketing is to have SEO.

Points of Contract

You still can’t separate the two entirely; the two usually overlap. When SEO states the requirements, content marketing renders to these demands. Content marketing is all about creating invaluable text while integrating the current most popular keywords set by SEO.


We audit the SEO progress and re-evaluate strategies and continue movies each website content forward.


At DMD, we choose the right keywords, the ones that the audience needs, wants and is looking for. Once we identify them, we optimize the content for the selected keywords.

Both disciplines

DMD is an SEO and social-driven agency and favors both disciplines. We believe that SEO and social media rely on content to achieve success.