Sales boosting for big,small, and medium sized businesses

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Web development for small and medium businesses
August 9, 2016
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How to rank high on Google?
August 14, 2016

Are you looking to stand out with a business website that differentiates you from your rivals?

One that would help you turn more of your website visitors into actual paying customers!

Dynamic business presence

A dynamic corporate presence offers features not found in the static ones of your competitors. Unlike the static ones, with various management tools you can modify the digital appearance of your business by customizing your web site and social media pages, with the help of DMD. No matter the size of your business, the way it looks in the web has a huge impact on the way a new customer will be convinced to use your services or buy your products and an existent customer to stay faithful to you. Digital marketing is the only way to boost your sales today.

Responsive Design

The phrase responsive web design refers to the ability of a website to change automatically its layout and content depending on the device used by the user. At DMD, we offer mobile advertising as well and all of the web pages we design are adjustable to a mobile version. Going along with the most recent trends, we are well aware that most consumers use their mobile devices to look for products and services. We aim to create a pleasant web experience for them, so that they can visit your web page again and again. When the visitor uses a smartphone to visit the digital space of your business, your page will automatically be optimized for the display of a mobile phone. A responsive website, able to adapt to any screen size, whether it is a normal pc, a tablet or mobile phone facilitates access to its contents.

Static corporate presence is the key to failure

On the other hand, an old static site characterized by unchanged content won’t be able to boost your sales to the top. The term static, as you would have guessed it, means that it does not change the content of your corporate presence, which is necessary in the times of digital marketing.
The dynamics as well as the quality of our DMD services has led to collaborations as well as assignments from all over the Middle East and not only.
Among the companies of different sizes that have trusted us their Internet presence, the creation of their corporate presence, and the strategy of their e-commerce activities are: Dubistock and Groupon.

Assessing the competitors’ web presence

Our web development experts look at a series of technical metrics to establish what would take you on the first page of a search engine before we proceed to the creation of your website. At DMD, we abide completely to the standards and respect the terms and conditions of the largest search engines in the world. We strongly recommend you to let us provide you with reliable web development and web promotion services.