Reputation management and how to master it through brand damage control

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June 7, 2016
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June 22, 2016

Are negative search results causing you grief? Are they damaging your brand or impacting your sales? In today’s world of social media consumption, one negative article, news story or bad customer review can kill your entire business. With social media being used by 1/3 of the entire world, they really have a major influence of society. Too often, we see this type of contents surfacing in top ranks of search engines and completely wipe out a company’s growth. 95 per cent of consumers research online before making a purchase and when they come across a specific company or its CEO they search for that specific name and when they do, you’d better hope there is no dirt on that name or otherwise forget it. Consider that lead, customer fun, lost forever. But this doesn’t just happen to businesses, when you are an athlete, celebrity, consultant, a public person; you are subject to online reputation damage. Court cases, lawsuits, DUI’s and all other digital dirt has your name stamp on it. And guess what? Search engines like Google present this information to the world. So what can you do about it? You can start of by not creating any more bad press but ultimately you need a proactive and aggressive solution for cleansing and controlling your online reputation.

image of the black sheep among the white ones

Are you the black sheep of the web?

Here is the challenge:

Most of this content cannot be removed from the Internet. Why?

Because you can’t control the websites the information is on.

But what you can do with out help, is making sure that this ugly information never gets found by anyone searching your name, your company or your product. However, it is not an easy solution, it requires a ton of work, but don’t worry we are going to figure out exactly how this can be achieved. At DMD, we have created an excellent reputation management strategy. We offer reputation management consultancy to help you clean your online reputation and master brand damage control on social media.

The first thing you need to understand is that we are dealing with search engines like Google, who have as a mission to organise the world of information and media. And if you understand how they do that, you have a good chance of controlling what kind of information is displayed in search results.

Without getting too technical, here is some basic information of how news stories, customer reviews and others are organised and presented in the search results. The important qualities of searching are quality, variety, freshness and trust. High quality, fresh and trustworthy information gains attraction quickly and gets placed in the top. Low-quality, untrusted content is demoted and filtered out.

In order to control the search results for your name, brand or product, you need to have an online content strategy. Why is this important? Because without presenting new, of higher quality, more trusted content in the search engines, there is no way of replacing the negative information currently displayed.

You need a new content strategy to get your content:

  • Recognized
  • Trusted
  • Ranked

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  1. We need to identify exactly what kind of negative information exists and under which search phrase, in order to understand how much and what kind of effort we need to put in the campaign. What we know is that press, trusted news sites, government or reviews sites can be extremely tough to outrank. But luckily, we do this very often so for us it is just a matter of assessing the damage, formulating a strategy and taking action
  2. We next create a content roadmap, which includes accustomed websites, dozens of press releases, articles, blog posts, accustomed videos and images. We plan exactly how and when we will publish this information to the web. How and when is very important but where we publish this content is also critical. What we know is that publishing an article in any old site won’t cut it. The sites themselves have to have tremendous authority already.
  3. We also utilise social media profiles, professional and business listing sites, local and national directories and vlogs. To further develop trusted properties, we know what the search engines will favour.
  4. Our team of professional writers, graphic artists and others then take the task of building the informational content behind the marketing plan and then we start publishing.
  5. Once the trusted web properties are secured and established start promoting and building authority to them. This requires a serious amount of consistent, sophisticated and brute force digital marketing, link building, social media sharing and promotion.
  6. In order to position any article, video or image at the top of the search results you have to manually build links, create social citations and mentions from other trusted sites in the web. To do this, we need to utilise our established relationships with media outlets, bloggers and social communities and other website owners to promote your content. That type of trust building, it would be rather difficult to convince a search engine like Google that our particular new article or video is important. Because, as mentioned before, it is not as easy as just publishing articles to the Internet.
image of vector: there is no such thing as bad publicity

Bad reputation can influence the rankings and sales of your brand


There are today thousands of brand damage control companies but we are different. Why?

We use our many years of search engine optimisation experience to plan optimise and execute this strategy properly and follow it up with hyper aggressive continuous promotion. We are an SEO and reputation management company with a proven and unparalleled track record of delivering search engine placement for some of the biggest brands in the most competitive spaces on the Internet. How else could we so comfortably control any search term? We have a powerful team, a tested process and the experience to get the job done, let us take care of this for you and stop stressing about what shows when you search your name. Wouldn’t it be great to burry that article exposing opinions misrepresenting you and your brand? Our track record includes multiple public personas and brands for which our brand damage control consultants successfully eliminated all bad reputation from search results and made it invisible from all people searching for our clients’ names.

If you are looking for the best brand damage control strategy don’t take longer to contact us.