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Mobile Advertising

Mobile technology is more common and smarter than ever before. People are using their mobile devices for much more than making calls and texting. Approximately 70% of the bandwidth used across all networks is video, with 40% of that being from Youtube. As a Mobile Advertising Agency in Dubai we have spent some time looking at what people use their mobile devices for and we found that they’re either
  • Watching TV
  • Watching a video
  • Conducting a search
  • Or perhaps using an app

Boost your ad results today

We can boost your ad results today, by including mobile advertising in your plans. Some experts say that has 2015 has surpassed 15 billion dollars. As marketers, we could not afford to ignore this advertising sector. There are several options for mobile marketing, including in-app advertising, mobile affiliate marketing and sms advertising. We can create free apps and earn revenue by allowing ads to run within your app. Or we can purchase advertising space on other people’s apps. Other ways of mobile advertising are by sms or text messaging. There are several networks that offer various mobile advertising options, including media forge and precision network. To understand mobile advertising, you need to know the lingo. There are a lot of terms that apply specifically to mobile ads. If you understand these, you will understand mobile marketing.

Today's marketing strategies

Keeping this in mind why would you want to market your brand in the same way you used to market 10 or more years ago?While traditional marketing campaigns have their place, the new methods are more effective in today’s mobile market place. To remain on the cutting edge of mobile advertising, requires a different strategy. It’s not about yelling our message louder than the competition, it’s about spotting you target customer, as he or she is facing a dilemma and providing a solution to their problem, ours, therefore, your solution. The search algorithms today provide all the information we need to know about your target customer group.
DMD, as a Mobile Advertising company located in Dubai, we achieve success by putting technology and people together. However, there is more than just statistics and algorithms to consider. We think about emotion. Admob Dubai, understands where people are and what they’re doing, who’s with them and what is their mood maybe. When we know this, it is easier to create the kind of message that can reach them and cause them to choose your product or service.

Terms to mobile marketing

CTR-click through rate: It is not specific to mobile marketing; it is an Internet marketing term.

  • CTR stands for the percentage of clicks as compared with the number of impressions. The word impression refers to a person seeing an advertisement. In other words, it refers to how many people saw the ad and then how many people actually clicked on it.
  • Global fill rate: This term refers to the amount of filler ads in a particular geographic location. A filler ad is used when an advertising slot has not been filled. Most filler ads consist of promotions for the advertising network. This can be very useful information if you know what geographical locations your most of your audience or customers are coming from.
  • WAP-Wireless Application Protocol: It refers to the technology used to build mobile web pages.

In Numbers

According to a current research, 43% of phone users send sms or text messages. The number of message users is likely to grow along with the number of mobile phone users. As more and more people depend on their smartphones for work, entertainment and communication the world of mobile advertising is set to explode. Experts predict phenomenal growth in the mobile advertising market. As more Ad networks become available, smart marketers should have mobile marketing plans in place. The time that we are spending on mobile phones, surfing the Internet, is massively growing in a consistent way. The non-wise time we are spending on our mobile phones has become four times bigger over the last four years. On average, we are spending over an hour on our mobile phones, just surfing. As a Mobile Advertising Agency in Dubai, we have taken notice, therefore the advertising techniques spend on mobile marketing has increased massively.