How to rank high on Google?

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August 9, 2016
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Why all the fuss about digital marketing?
August 16, 2016
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Do costly 12-month SEO contracts put you off?

DMD guarantees the best results in Search Engine Optimisation in half time, in very affordable prices.
The Search Engine Optimisation is a long process; results cannot be produced overnight. SEO results are beginning to be visible in a few weeks or a few months. The timing of the results depends on several factors such as how frequently the search engines update your site to the index of their database and how much competition there is for the keywords for which you wish to be exited for on the first page.
At DMD, we undertake the responsibility of moving your business’ Site on the first page Google that would eventually increase the traffic safely and reliably.

The high organic rankings of your site in Google's first result page go along with:
  • Higher traffic and increased sales
  • Less dependence on paid advertising
  • Lower marketing expenses
  • And increase of your company's prestige since studies show that the higher someone can find your business on Google the more valuable that looks to find potential customers
Thanks to the innovation of SEO specialised content marketing and the experience in the field of digital marketing of DMD, we are able to bring the desired results with...
  1. Security and reliability
    To achieve safe and reliable results and high rankings on Google SEO requires precise methodology
  2. Content Marketing SEO
The new methods we use are part of our overall content marketing strategy. Google no longer benefits the sites repeating many times specific keywords or using many backlinks with high Google PageRank. These methods are now considered outdated. Content marketing means creating and promoting original relevant content in the form of articles, mini-sites, social media, press releases, guest blogging, infographics, videos and more. Thanks to Content Marketing SEO we help you reform your corporate brand, to get more customers and higher profit; to overcome your competitors and simultaneously reduce costs in other forms of advertising you might be using.