8 SEO secrets business should know

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April 1, 2016
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May 6, 2016

How can you with SEO increase rankings and drive traffic into you website

Gone are the days when the only purpose of search engine optimisation (SEO) was to increase rankings and drive traffic into websites. Today, SEO is all about having remarkable and unique content, while identifying your audience’s search intentions, as well as devoting some time to optimise your website in terms of the technical perspective. The following 8 tips will aid you in taking your brand’s web presence to the next level:

Compatibility and user-friendliness:

Along with delivering audiences with modified and revised content, it is important to make sure that your website is user-friendly and pleasant to browse. Nobody likes to browse a website that comes across as complicated or complex; it confuses people. It should have a quick load time because in this day and age, we do not have time, or patience, and a website’s slow load time can frustrate most people, including you. Since most people search things from their phones nowadays, it is definitely significant for a website to be responsive, which means it should be optimised so people can access it using their mobile phones and tablets. There are several programs such as WebSite Auditor that you can use to identify and amend flaws on your website, on a regular basis.

Organise your thoughts – Avoid clutter

It is essential to emphasise on providing users with the most promising user experience when they visit your website. People often spend more time struggling with trying to work out SEO’s complexities, instead of focusing on producing user-friendly and comprehendible websites. Over-examining SEO techniques can lead to chaotic content, which may leave your audience confused. The key is to produce clear and rich content.

Update content regularly

No matter what your target audience is, there is one thing all users have in common: they all demand updated and accurate content. Outdated content and information causes users to not be able to trust the content on a website, which eventually will make them hesitant the next time they think of using the website. Not only does this causes businesses to lose their existing clients, but also causes them to lose potential clients. For example, if a company has a new office address and contact number, but has not updated it online, they miss out on the chances of being contacted by users until they review and edit the information on their website.

Create a sense of reliability

SEO specialists use the term “link-building” to explain the method of creating reliability online. The notion of link-building is to convince people that your website or brand is better than that of your competitors’. To do this, it is necessary to build credibility and connections online, as well as offline relationships with people and introduce your brand. It is essential to ensure that your brand’s services are value-added and that people are pleased with them. By constructing positive relationships with bloggers and other influencers in your niche, they are more likely to recommend your brand or website to their family, friends and followers, which ultimately, will contribute to its popularity. There are apps such as SEO SpyGlass to see who is providing links to your website and to recognise prospective patterns.

Repeat your keywords when you can

Whilst delivering a message, it is important to use the right keywords in the right places. For your rankings to improve, it’s crucial that your keywords are being repeated on your website or in your blog. Nevertheless, the keywords need to be recurring in a way where all the contents of the page make sense. For example, if you write “best restaurant in Dubai” 10 times in 3 sentences, you are not going to be ranked higher just because of the fact that you put the keywords on the page. Google will not recognise this as genuine content, so the reappearance of keywords is important, but in a functional and practical manner. Rank Tracker is a great app to help you fully optimise your content and keywords.

Do not forget to optimise your meta descriptions

“Meta descriptions” provide users with a preview of the contents of your webpage on search engine results. It is just a few sentences that sets your brand apart from other brands. While optimising their content, people frequently overlook this and fail to provide users with descriptions of what is on their webpage. People are less likely to waste their time clicking on a link that does not provide any descriptions, especially when they are faced with other webpages that do provide these descriptions. Never underestimate the significance of a well-developed meta description; it drives more traffic to your page.

Focus on long-tail keywords

It is vital for businesses to focus on location-based and long-tail keywords, to make sure people will find your brand or website based on the goods or services you provide. For example, if you are ranked #1 on search engines when people search for something vague like “advertising UAE”, that’s great, nonetheless, it puts you in competition with all the other companies offering advertising services in the UAE. However, if you are ranked #1 for specific keywords like “advertising for hospitals Dubai”, it helps users get a clearer picture of what services you specialise in; this will generate a lot more certified leads and will help your exact target audience get in contact with you.

Pretend you are your audience

We all turn to Google or other search engines when we have questions or are looking for something, which determines that when people visit a website, they are either looking for solutions. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience while producing content for your webpage. This makes you think of providing the right answers to the people that visit your website. When you help users by producing solutions and how-to blogs accurately, people will view your brand or webpage as trustworthy. When this happens, they will definitely come back for more tips and updates.