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June 2, 2016
there is not such nothing as bad publicity
Reputation management and how to master it through brand damage control
June 15, 2016

Social media management is still under construction here in the UAE. Although there has been a dent in the penetration of this development, there is still some time to go. Getting people in the Arab world to open up and broaden their horizons on this is the biggest challenge, a challenge Dubai needs to overcome in order to compete with the rest of the world and follow this general winning attitude the city has about everything. Social media management in Dubai is now flourishing. Our digital marketing agency in Dubai helps its clients fall into the footsteps of global branding. As opposed to keep using outdated outbound marketing methods, our aim is to rely on social media to build, frame and praise your brand.

What are people thinking of social media? Is it a real thing? Does it have real business value?  Is there a return on investment to be gained through social media? If your reply to the above question is yes, we believe you are in the right track. Social media marketing is today an essential part of branding and marketing techniques.

But do you ever feel completely overwhelmed and confused by social media? Most of us want to do a really great job, we know it’s important, but with things changing in such fast pace and with so many platforms, it gets a little confusing. We just want to know the right way to do it!

Today is all about connecting with each other, it is about combining our ideas and objectives, our plans and our methods. Visitors spend the most time on websites where they can voice or share.

As of the third quarter of 2015, Pinterest hit 1 million users. What about your pins? Twitter, has over 320 million users, do you tweet regularly? LinkedIn is connecting over 396 million professionals, are you connected? Instagram, now has over 400 million users, are you there? Youtube, has around 8 billion users; 1/3 of all Internet users. In 2016 only, it generated 5.6 billion American dollars. Are you a part of that? Facebook more than 1.55 billion users, are you connected to your audience? If not, you are losing the business. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a strong social media presence; therefore, the ways to increase your revenue.

Our methods are specific, tested and approved by all small, medium and large sized enterprises around the globe. We cover all three aspects of social media: application, marketing and advertising.

First step is to organise ourselves by creating a content calendar for your brand. Now in action, we like to introduce your products and services, then engage with your followers to show them why the way they would experience your services is unique, why it cannot be found anywhere else. Successful social media management is all about sharing your experiences in a way to make others part of what you encountered. Make them relive it. Gain that brand loyalty; make them ask for your opinions, make people ask for your services as if you are a valuable part of their daily lives.

The importance of social media management is tremendous. Here at our digital marketing company in Dubai, we are a team of outgoing, enthusiastic and empathic young people; qualities very important to understand markets and their customers. We will help you define your goals and objectives. We want to understand your brand’s story and infuse it into our campaigns. We will do that by developing your buyer personas, creating your editorial calendar and first and foremost, measuring your return on investment.

We have proved in the past that we know exactly how to generate a highly powerful traffic to your social media pages, how to build your brand. Our goal is to help you grow your business by creating relationships with your clientele; engage with current clients, communicate with potential buyers and inform the rest of the corporate world about what an exceptional job it is you are doing. And in this way, generate more income. Our client satisfaction speaks for itself and it makes us being able to call ourselves the best social media management company in Dubai.